The Time Loop (Werewolf High Book Six), by Anita Oh

Author Anita Oh’s previous book in this series came out in mid-July, so I wasn’t expecting to see the newest book so soon. It was released just a little over a month after the one before it, so when I stumbled upon it—and saw its title—I was honestly thrilled.

Let’s start with a brief recap of the series so far. Lucy O’Connor attends the secluded, exclusive, possibly magical Amaris High. During her freshman year, the school fell under The Truth Spell, she was shrunk by The Tiny Curse, and she and rich, aloof Tennyson Wilde experienced The Body Swap. Residual effects between them lingered into sophomore year as they felt The Soul Bond, but The Love Potion interfered with that.

Like I’ve said many times before with this series, my reviews are spoiler-free for the book I’m reviewing. And like I’ve said many times before, I can’t make that same guarantee regarding earlier books in the series. And as I say that you’ve been warned, like I have many times before, I feel like I’m caught in a time loop.

It’s three months after the events of the last book, and Lucy is on her way to an early morning picnic, prepared by her childhood best friend and current boyfriend Sam. They’ve been together since the end of the last book, but Lucy has sensed all along that something’s not quite right between them. Then, they go to a full-school assembly where it’s announced that the body of Hannah Morgan (who disappeared in the third book) has washed ashore. Lucy ain’t buyin’ that. There’s a school dance that night, and the main characters have different opinions and attitudes about that. And Lucy receives a threatening phone call from her evil father, demanding that she remove herself from Tennyson’s werewolf pack, but she refuses.

Then at midnight, the blue lightning strikes, and Lucy wakes up the next morning. Except that it’s NOT the next morning. It’s the same morning, and it will continue to be the same day over and over again until Lucy can break the titular time loop.

Time loops—like many of the other supernatural occurrences that have befallen Lucy in this series—aren’t anything new. I cherish the film Groundhog Day, and given Lucy’s penchant for pop-culture references, I knew she’d mention it eventually. Though it came later than I expected, the exchange of dialogue that accompanied it was absolutely priceless.

So what’s a girl to do when stuck in a time loop and she’s the only one to remember it all? Try to figure out what mistake you have to undo, or what event is the clue to getting out. But where Oh makes this time loop unique hers is in its sinister construction. There are some dangerous consequences for remaining in the loop for too long which build the stakes very well, and the climax includes some terrifying stuff with a game-changer of an ending leading into the next book, which I assume will take place during Lucy’s junior year.

I found this installment to be the most enjoyable one of the six so far. The character interactions between Lucy and the other four pack members (Tennyson, Althea, Nikolai, and Sam) are the strongest they’ve been. Lucy’s roommate Katie, who became quite intriguing in the previous book, is memorable considering she has limited appearances. But mostly, the story as a whole was mostly tightly plotted. Though everyone’s actions in the time loop provided variety as Lucy altered her behavior, some of Lucy’s narrated explanations were repeated a little too often. That could have been intentional to give the reader the feeling of a time loop’s monotony, but in another book, it would read as not the best editing.

But that’s something really minor. I’ve said it before, and I’ll loop back: this is my favorite of the series. After that ending, I can’t wait to find out what comes next. If you read The Time Loop, you might want to read it again (and again…) because it’s good enough to get FOUR AND A HALF STARS.

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The Time Loop is available at Amazon.


  1. the book is really cool and awesome just by reading your review but I can’t seem to get it from amazon in mu country … is there a way I can get the copy from you thanks

    • I’m not the author of the book, so I’m not the person who can get you a copy. I’m glad you liked the review, though. The book series is quite enjoyable, and this was the best part yet.

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