The One Moment, by OK Go

I’m a big fan of the band OK Go, so much that back in February, I devoted a Top 10 list to their awesomely creative music videos. Not even two weeks after I posted that list, they released a new video that was so incredible I had to revise my list.

Well, yesterday they released their newest video—for their song The One Moment—and yup, it’s awesome. Click on the image to go to YouTube and watch it:

Like all their videos, this took an immense amount of planning. They had to figure out how that 4.2 seconds of footage was going to match the music and lyrics of the song when played in slow motion. They’ve played with the speed of their videos before, but never for the reasons here.

But forget the awesome math involved to do that and consider how perfect the video’s concept matches the song’s theme. They sing about how it’s a certainty that life continues on, yet there are always significant moments in your life that you’ll never forget because they matter the most. The video illustrates this idea by showing how much stuff actually happens in a moment.

My criteria for ranking their videos back then included creativity, engineering, concept, its connection to the song, and my opinion of the song itself. Though this doesn’t take the top spot from Upside Down & Inside Out, I’m happy to say that it would rank pretty high.

Now I’m not going to go back and revise that post again, but I will give an updated list below, with links only to the videos. I’ll even go beyond a Top 10 and include every song they have videos for! And because it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want in the moment, I’ll do this again whenever they come out with a new video!

#21 – You’re So Damn Hot

#20 – Get Over It

#19 – Don’t Ask Me

#18 – Back From Kathmandu

#17 – A Million Ways

#16 – I’m Not Through

#15 – Muppet Show Theme

#14 – Skyscrapers

#13 – Do What You Want

#12 – Last Leaf

#11 – WTF

#10 – White Knuckles

#9 – I Won’t Let You Down

#8 – The Writing’s on the Wall

#7 – End Love

#6 – Here It Goes Again

#5 – This Too Shall Pass

#4 – The One Moment

#3 – Needing/Getting

#2 – All Is Not Lost

#1 – Upside Down & Inside Out


Watch them all! OK? Go!

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