Skipping the Scales


THE SEQUEL TO FLIPPING THE SCALES IS HERE! The exciting sequel to the YA contemporary fantasy Flipping the Scales.  Meredith, Marina, and Hailey’s wildest dreams could be coming true. Two weeks in the ocean changed Meredith’s life and career goal. Now studying marine biology, she lands a summer internship at a local aquarium. Her aquatic intuition impresses […]

COVER REVEAL: Skipping the Scales


Here it is, everyone! The cover reveal for the long awaited sequel to Flipping the Scales! Isn’t that beautiful? A big shout-out to Tatiana Vila for doing this. You should really check out her work HERE. She’s a phenomenal designer and so professional and pleasant to work with. I can’t wait to work with her again on […]

So How’s the Sequel Coming?

Friends, family members, and students have asked me one burning question. I’ve even received messages on Twitter, Goodreads, Wattpad, and other places with that very same question. WHEN’S THE SEQUEL TO FLIPPING THE SCALES COMING OUT? After all, the first book came out in November, 2014. That’s right. 2014! And now it’s 2016. That’s too long! […]