My 2016 Major League Baseball predictions

You know, it’s been some time since I’ve posted something other than a book review, author feature, or a Top 10 list. I’m soon going to have some news about my own writing, but this is not that post. The 2016 Major League Baseball season starts today, and I figured it was a good time […]

Congratulations, Kansas City Royals!

Last year, the Royals took the Giants all the way to Game 7. Without Madison Bumgarner, the Giants wouldn’t have won that series. The Royals played far better as a team than the Giants did. So it’s extra special not only for the Royals to make it to the World Series in back-to-back years, only […]

The 2015 World Series

After doing so well in the Wild-Card Games (1-1) and the League Division Series (3-1), I didn’t do so well predicting who’d win the two League Championship Series: I thought the Blue Jays would defeat the Royals in seven games (Royals won in six), and I was throwing all my support at the Cubs in […]

The 2015 MLB League Championship Series

A couple weeks ago, I ranked the ten MLB playoff teams this season. I also made predictions about who’d win. Well, the Wild-Card games and the four League Division Series are over, so let’s see how they (and I) did before looking ahead to the two League Championship Series. AL Wild Card Game: I predicted […]

My Top 10 2015 MLB Playoff Teams

I love baseball, and here comes the 2015 Postseason. I would have posted this on the first of the month like my previous top 10 lists, but not all playoff spots were locked up. It went down to the final day in the AL West and second Wild Card races. The ten teams in the […]

A Dream of Fields 11: The Seattle Mariners


Sadly, this is the last ballpark in my series. It’s the last home team I’ve seen, and if you look at the date below, you’ll see that I’m long overdue to go somewhere with a ballpark. Washington, D.C. isn’t too far away, and I’d love to go to Toronto. Someday… But I can say that […]

A Dream of Fields 10: The Pittsburgh Pirates


It’s only fitting that I get to celebrate my tenth field with the best story of them all. It’s an epic tale of a journey that almost got pillaged and plundered before we even got to the Pirates. Friday, April 20, 2001, 7:05pm PNC Park Chicago Cubs 8, Pittsburgh Pirates 2 I took this trip with […]

A Dream of Fields 9: The Cleveland Indians


The theme song for The Drew Carey Show insisted that “Cleveland Rocks.” Based on my trip there in 2000, yeah, it absolutely rocks. Sunday, June 25, 2000, 1:05pm Jacobs Field Cleveland Indians 2, Detroit Tigers 1 About a month or so before this game, my then-wife, who was a high school music teacher at the […]

A Dream of Fields 8: The New York Yankees


I’m a Red Sox fan. Going into Yankee Stadium is like crossing into enemy territory. Better take cover and wear a neutral National League baseball cap… Sunday, July 25, 1999, 1:35pm Yankee Stadium New York Yankees 2, Cleveland Indians 1 The final leg of our three-park trip brought us back to New York. However, Interstate […]

A Dream of Fields 7: The Philadelphia Phillies


Lucky number seven, which is why I’m posting it on 7/7. With the exception of being at Fenway Park for the 14-inning Game 5 of the 2004 ALCS victory against the Yankees, this very well may have been the best baseball experience I’ve ever had. Saturday, July 24, 1999, 7:05pm Veterans’ Stadium Philadelphia Phillies 4, […]