Author Spotlight: C.J. Williams


This week, let’s welcome author C.J. Williams and his new book Rise of the Aces: About C.J. Williams Aspiring author. Mobile Logistics Technician. Husband. Father. Huge geek. Whovian. Gamer. Pun Master. Motormouth. Walking quotes/trivia dispenser. Excessive punctuation user. Hello C.J.! Tell us all sorts of stuff about your book! – – – What is your […]

Rise of the Aces, by C.J. Williams

If you’re a fan of the X-Men or of the television show Heroes (the first season, anyway), then allow me to introduce you to a new set of people with mutant and/or superhero powers. I had the pleasure of being an early reader for the intriguing sci-fi/fantasy novel by debut author C.J. Williams, and let […]