Congratulations, Chicago Cubs!

They did it! Their 108-year championship drought is over. This was a wonderful World Series, and Chicago’s Ben Zobrist got the MVP award for 10 hits in 28 at-bats. A lot of credit goes to the Cleveland Indians for pushing this all the way to Game 7. Cleveland was up 3-1 and just couldn’t seal […]

The 2016 World Series

After doing really well predicting the Wild-Card Games (2-0) but not so well with the League Division Series (1-3), I’m back to my undefeated ways in the two League Championship Series! Let’s recap:   ALCS Blue Jays-Indians: Got the winning team correct, but not the number of games. I really expected that the potent Toronto […]

The 2016 MLB League Championship Series

A couple weeks ago, I ranked the ten MLB playoff teams this season. I also made predictions about who’d win. Well, the Wild-Card games and the four League Division Series are over, so let’s see how they (and I) did before looking ahead to the two League Championship Series. AL Wild Card Game: Toronto was […]

My Top 10 2016 MLB Playoff Teams

I did this last October, and I can now officially make it an annual tradition. Ten MLB teams make the playoffs, and that leads itself nicely to a Top 10 list. I would have posted this yesterday—on the first of the month like my previous top 10 lists—but not all playoff spots were locked up. […]

Assessing My Pre-Season MLB Predictions

Here we are, smack-dab in the middle of August, in the heat of the Major League Baseball playoff hunt. Back on April 3, I made my predictions for which teams would make it to the post-season. With only about a month and a half to go, there are some teams clearly out of the race, […]

My 2016 Major League Baseball predictions

You know, it’s been some time since I’ve posted something other than a book review, author feature, or a Top 10 list. I’m soon going to have some news about my own writing, but this is not that post. The 2016 Major League Baseball season starts today, and I figured it was a good time […]