New Book Spotlight: Holding My Breath, by Susan Soares

I’m always on the lookout for mermaid books, and here’s a new YA release called HOLDING MY BREATH by previously spotlighted author Susan Soares.


One way or another, life as Shelby Cooper knows it is about to be washed out to sea.

Shelby has lived in the same small town her whole life, only a five minute walk away from her best friend Leyla. Two weeks before starting her sophomore year, her super-conservative mother accepted a job offer that will move them away from the only home she has ever known.

In an attempt to defy her mother, Shelby chooses a risqué mermaid costume to wear to an end-of-summer beach party. Despite the creepy old shop owner’s cryptic warning not to fall asleep in it, something about the iridescent tail practically beckons her to buy it. After all, mermaids are free to swim away from their worries…

Waking the next morning with the tail attached to her, Shelby freaks out and waddles to the magic shop where she meets Ryan. Cute, dark-haired Ryan, who lets her know she’s the fourth girl to become stuck in a costume. The other girls have already turned into mermaids, and if Shelby can’t break the spell in seven days, she’ll change also and lose all memory of her former life.

What’s worse? Moving away from everything you’ve ever known, or never even remembering those you’d be leaving behind?

- – -

I had the pleasure of being an advance reader for this book, and it’s an enjoyable read with sweet, believable characters and a new look at mermaids. With a strong message about perseverance and accepting the changes that come your way in life, it’s appropriate for YA and upper MG (ages 10+). My review hasn’t been posted yet, but here’s a spoiler: it’s a 4.5-star review. This is solid entertainment.

So don’t hold your breath! Click on over to Amazon and pick up a Kindle or paperback copy today!

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