New Book Spotlight: A Time Forgotten — and interview with main character Rennie Winters

I’ve got a special treat here today at The Stuff. It’s book release day for previously spotlighted author Sioux Trett and her second part of her Paper Dreams Chronicles, the sequel to Drawn In (which I reviewed HERE). It is my great pleasure to present A Time Forgotten to you.


Spending the summer in California isn’t quite as glamorous as Rennie Winters had hoped. Time with her best friend, Maia, has been great, but all the fun came to a screeching halt when Rennie got her heart broken. And then there’s the part where she’s started time traveling to an unfamiliar land where the Commander and his Enforcers are trying to kill her. So there’s that.

She’s been drawn in to a world she doesn’t understand, a prophecy she may or not believe in, and a love triangle she wants zero part of. Her biggest wish is to lay low and get through the rest of the summer unscathed.

But when the Commander demands her attention in a way she can’t ignore, Rennie is left with no choice but to respond. Summoning her courage and her friends, she must quickly learn what she’s willing to risk in order to save the one thing that is most important to her… her best friend.


The book is available in paperback and ebook formats at Amazon, and Sioux is running a giveaway over at her blog.

With her first book in the series, I interviewed her. Today, I have the unique pleasure of interviewing Serenity “Rennie” Winters, the main character and narrator of the series.

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Hello Rennie, and welcome to The Stuff!

Hi Pete! Thanks so much for having me on your blog today! I love reading your posts, especially the ones that reference all of the things that I like… you’re a big Doctor Who fan. I respect that.


I hear you have the ability to travel to other places and times. What does that feel like?

Okay, I’m not even gonna ask who told you that, because it’s supposed to be sort of hush-hush. But since you know anyway, yeah it’s true. I do Travel, but it’s not really like I thought it would be. I mean, I don’t get the chance to choose where (or when) I’m going. I’m here in this small town in California visiting my best friend, Maia. And when I Travel, I’m still here, only it’s some weird version of the future. So I don’t get to, like go back and kill Hitler or anything. I just go through a portal and it takes me to this one place and time. There must be a reason why, but I’m not sure what it is yet.


How do you do that?

That’s a tricky question. Mostly, it’s done with drawings that appear in books. Touching the drawing pulls me through to the other timeline. That’s the way it happens with the other Travelers I know. I actually seem to be a little different… I can use my own drawings to create portals. I’m not gonna lie, it’s kinda cool. But there’s a lot of pressure that goes along with that too.


What are the most dangerous aspects about your traveling?

Definitely the Commander. He rules the other timeline and he hates Travelers. He sends his Enforcers into both timelines looking for us. Well, looking for me, specifically. They’re bad guys for sure, but I’m hoping that their bark is worse than their bite.


Have you told anyone else about all of this? What were their reactions?

There are three people who I’ve trusted with this ginormous secret. My best friend Maia (who isn’t a Traveler, but I tell her everything), my maybe boyfriend Alex, and his friend Seth. Alex kinda ticked me off recently when he didn’t tell me the whole truth about something that was pretty important to me. Well, very important, really. Okay, crucial. It was crucial information and he totally lied to me! I guess I’m still working through that, huh?


What about the mysterious Ethan? Who is he? What’s he like?

Ethan… yeah, that’s another tricky topic. Let me try to explain this way… I have these dreams and they’re coming true one by one. In almost every dream, there’s this guy. Ethan. He helps me, or saves me, or comforts me. He’s pretty amazing. Most of the time, I don’t know how I would get through the tough spots without him. Yeah, I’ll leave it at that. Is it fair to say it’s complicated?


Tell us about this prophecy that is believed to be about you.

The only part of the prophecy that I’ve heard so far is mysterious at best. I’m still not sure that it’s referring to me, but I don’t know. I mean, I am able to do things that no one can explain, like creating my own portals and bringing tech through to the other timeline with me. Even other Travelers can’t do that. So… maybe it really is true.


Which scares you more—fulfilling this prophecy or not fulfilling it—and why?

Wow. You’re not pulling any punches with these questions, are you? Haha! Okay, well, I guess if I’m being honest, I would say both. The very idea that I’m the one who has to fulfill it is terrifying. The prophecy basically says that I have to heal time. You see, long ago, time was broken by another Heir and another Traveler. I’m supposedly a descendant of theirs and, as the last True Heir, it’s up to me to fix it all. I have no idea how to do that. Not fulfilling it means that things get worse there, and eventually here too, so that’s not a great option. Seems kind of unfair that it would fall to me. But here I am.


Thank you, Rennie! I look forward to reading and reviewing the newest part of your adventure!


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