New Book Release: Urban Mermaid

Since mermaids are a recurring topic on this blog—in my own writing and in books I’ve read—I thought I’d take this opportunity to promote the debut novel of a fellow mermaid enthusiast.

The book is Urban Mermaid by Howard Parsons. Here’s the blurb:

Can a mermaid find love and happiness working in the big city?
What will her parents say if she chooses a human for a mate?

Penelope Tench works in the city as the comptroller for a publishing house. She’s not happy living and working amongst humans but she has no choice as her home on Colony Island, FL holds nothing for her.

This is the first book in the Colony Island series by Howard Parsons, author of the short story, “Dear Mom, . . .”

I had the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of the book, and I can tell you it’s unlike any other mermaid story I’ve ever read. I was even asked for a sentence or two, possibly to be included on the back cover of the book! The book officially came out today, so I haven’t seen a copy to see if my comment it there, but it was such an honor to be asked! This is what I submitted:

The book’s theme of tolerance and acceptance of different cultures is admirable. The human race could learn a lot from the merfolk of Colony Island.

I’ll be posting my full review soon, and author Howard Parsons is willing to be featured in an interview here in the future, so watch for those.

Or just click right now to get yourself a copy of Urban Mermaid at Amazon.

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