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Flipping ScalesFlipping the Scales (Book 1)

Meredith is a science-loving, straight-A student on an island vacation. Marina is an orphaned mermaid taking her first timid steps on land. When Meredith unexpectedly ends up with Marina’s orange tail, their lives are flipped upside down until the next full moon. As Marina uncovers information about her past, Meredith makes waves under the sea. Can they change back before the mermaid tail is lost?

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SkippingScales-eCoverSkipping the Scales (Book 2)

Meredith is interning at an aquarium for the summer, but what would her mermaid friends think of fish being studied? Marina has returned to land to search for her missing mother, but does she have a deep, dark secret? Hailey borrows Marina’s tail to live out her dream to be a mermaid, but does the leader of the school know she’s human? All three of them are getting a chance to follow their dreams, but will they come true in the ways they want them to?

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TracksTracks, a one-act drama

Ten strangers meet in a subway station with no recollection of how they got there. They learn that they’re all dead and the only way out will be getting on the train. Subway stations have two platforms, with trains headed in opposite directions, but which way would theirs go?

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