Mermaid Month Wrap-Up

I named July 2016 MERMAID MONTH here at the Stuff to celebrate the release of Skipping the Scales, which I officially announced on the 14th. Click on the cover for it—or for first part Flipping the Scales—to be taken to their Amazon purchase pages.

Flipping Scales     SkippingScales-eCover

But what other mermaid-ness was there this month?

July started with the monthly Top 10 list, counting down my favorite mermaids from books, television shows, and movies.

Then it was an absolute pleasure to spotlight Tobie Easton, author of the new YA mermaid book Emerge. The main character, Lia, made the Top 10 list, and her story about her connection to a curse left by the infamous “little mermaid” is one of my favorites of the year.

Speaking of reviews, the three book reviews this month featured mermaids in some way:

First, I reviewed You Wish, by Mandy Hubbard – a book I read before I started blogging but I enjoyed it so much (and needed a Y-title in my review archive), so I wrote up a review. Only brief mention of mermaids in this book, but it’s fun YA anyway.

Then I read How to be a Mermaid, by Erin Hayes – a fun and frothy NA romance about a girl acting as a mermaid performer only to transform into a mermaid and help rescue a dolphin prince.

And finally, The Mermaid’s Sister, by Carrie Anne Noble – a fairy tale about a girl bringing her sister, who had slowly turned into a mermaid, to the ocean and out of the hands of traveling performers out to exploit her.

But these aren’t the only mermaid books reviewed here at the Stuff. Here’s an alphabetical list of all the other mermaid-themed books on the site:

Son of a Mermaid, Book 1: Descent and Book 2: Defiance, by Katie O’Sullivan – an Oklahoma boy moves to Cape Cod with his grandmother, only to learn that he’s the titular son of a mermaid.

Holding My Breath, by Susan Soares – Shelby wears a mermaid costume to a party, but when she can’t remove it after falling asleep in it, she has seven days before she permanently becomes a mermaid.

Merminia and Keeping Merminia, by Emm Cole – political intrigue and swords and sorcery under the surface and then on land between warring mermaid factions. Vividly described and fully rendered world, with a strong and sensitive heroine named Selinne.

The Siren, by Kiera Cass – okay, not technically mermaids, but sirens are closely related, and this story has great character relationships. Unwilling siren Kahlen falls in love but doing so breaks mother Ocean’s trust in her.

Urban Mermaid, by Howard Parsons – Penelope Tench is an unlucky-in-love mermaid who is spotted by a human man. She gives him a show and a kiss, only to find out they’re office mates at her new job! Will he keep her secret?

Water So Deep, by Nichole Giles – Emma is slowly turning into a mermaid and feels she has nowhere to turn, especially after her ex-boyfriend turned many classmates against her. But a new boy in school could help.

Waters of Change: Gwendolyn Falling, by Amy Astorga – My favorite book read in 2015, and a darker take on mermaids. Loved how mermaids were used symbolically in this story.

There are a couple other mermaid books on my Kindle waiting to be read—Forgive My Fins, by Tera Lynn Childs, and Waking the Merrow, by Heather Rigney—but I don’t know when I’m getting to them. I’m venturing back on land for the next few books in August.

I officially declare that mermaid month went swimmingly. Thanks for diving in!

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