Happy Anniversary to Flipping the Scales!

I’d like to wish my first book, Flipping the Scales, a happy one-year anniversary!

Flipping Scales

That’s right, my book has been available for a year now. If you’ve already gotten a copy, I thank you for the support. If you haven’t, you can pick one up either in paperback or most eBook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes Bookstore, and Smashwords.

My first year as a self-published author has been fun. I wrote the book for my daughters, and I read it to them during the summer of 2014, but I didn’t tell them when it was published. Instead, I gave them each a copy last Christmas. I saved them for the final gift, and I had wrapped them such that they’d see the backs of the books first. The looks on their faces went from confusion (Why is Daddy giving each of us the same book?) to elation when they turned it over and saw what it was (Daddy’s book is published!) to anger at me when I told them it had been available for over a month (Why didn’t you tell us earlier?). They went and told their teachers and classmates, some of whom read the book also. I even told my own students and colleagues, and some of them bought copies and read it. Being an author has been a pretty cool conversation piece when meeting new people.

My first year as a self-published author has also been surreal. The book has reviews on Amazon and Goodreads from people I don’t know. And not just reviews, but several 4- and 5-star reviews. People like the book! It was voted Book of the Month for May 2015 at Long and Short Reviews YA, and it received a Five Star Badge from Readers’ Favorite.

BoM YA Flipping the Scales     5star-shiny-web

I’ve gotten in contact with other authors along the way, and the professional networking has been exciting. I’ve even gotten messages on Facebook or Twitter from fans—I don’t know what else to call them. It feels strange because I don’t look at myself as a famous author; I’m still just me. These “fans” have shared their favorite scenes and/or favorite characters (O-M-G, Hailey seems to be winning that informal poll). And there has been one commonly asked question:


Well, I wish I had great news that Skipping the Scales was coming out this month. That was my original intention—a year between parts—but unfortunately, it’s just not ready. I’m working diligently on it, and my daughters and a few close friends have thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve shared with them so far, but it hasn’t flowed as easily Flipping. I have the entire story plotted and outlined, but it’s just been a slower process.

The main reason it has been slower is now I’m a self-published author. Before Flipping the Scales came out, I was unpublished—just someone who wrote. Being a self-published author means I also have to do some marketing. I’ve scoured the internet looking for book bloggers to review and help promote the book, and I’m grateful for the wonderful reviews I’ve received from them. I’ve also been maintaining this blog; in these days of social media, authors are supposed to have a blog. I loved featuring authors I’ve connected with, and I love reviewing the books I’ve read, and I love some of the cool features (the summer “Field of Dreams” series and my monthly Top 10 lists) that I do, but it takes time.

Time away from writing, unfortunately.

But I am working on Skipping the Scales, and once I have an estimated release date, I’ll post it here and tweet it out. Once I have that, I’ll even post some sample chapters over at my Wattpad account. And once I have a cover design, I’ll reveal it here. I promise you that the sequel is coming.

For now, however, let’s celebrate the first part. Happy anniversary Flipping the Scales! You’ve had a good year!

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