Flipping the Scales awarded IndieBRAG Medallion

I’m here to share some wonderful news about my book Flipping the Scales. At the end of last summer, I submitted the book to the indieBRAG—indie for independent and self-publishing (like me), and BRAG for Book Readers Appreciation Group. Their mission, from their website, is “to discover talented self-published authors and help them give their work the attention and recognition it deserves.”

The site says that about 50% of the submitted books don’t make it past their initial screening. Then another 40% don’t receive the honor of their B.R.A.G. Medallion. Well, I just got the news the other day…


Flipping the Scales is now an award-winning Young Adult book! In the ten judging categories, the book received a perfect score of 5 in nine of them. The readers—pulled from their global pool—had the option to provide comments along with their recommendation. Here are the little snippets from those comments.

I enjoyed this book very much. It provided some great lessons for young girls and was very age appropriate. I liked the use of text slang – it makes the character very modern and relatable for this age group. This was a lovely book and I give it a “yes”!

This is a lovely tale for YA girls. I think it has a lot of good teaching moments without lecturing. The romance is appropriate for this age group. Overall, a very nice story worthy of the B.R.A.G.Medallion.

The title fit the book well, loved the cover. I thought the book was well written as a young adult book. A great book that will make a teenager take a second look at their strengths and possibly gain some self-confidence so they can work through some tough issues in their lives. I would definitely recommend this book to a young reader.

I don’t know how this will affect my sales, but I didn’t write the book for that reason. I wrote it for my daughters, and I submitted it for this honor kind of on a whim. But it is an honor to have the medallion bestowed upon the book. Now I should submit Skipping the Scales!

See the book featured on the indieBRAG page HERE.

Or buy a copy at Amazon.

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