What do you blog about?

All sorts of stuff, of course! I blog about writing in general, books I’ve read and books I’ve written, authors I’ve met (either online or in person), television shows, baseball, teaching, parenting—whatever tickles my fancy at the time.


Will you review or spotlight my book?

I’m happy to spotlight other authors and/or review other books! I read a little every night, and my school has a 15-minute daily silent reading period, but I only read one book at a time. If there aren’t many books in my actual, immediate “to-read” queue (not my Goodreads “to-read” list because that includes books I’d like to read when I get a chance), I’ll consider it.

However, if I think your book is something I wouldn’t normally pick up in a book store for myself, I might decline—but I’ll at least read the sample on Amazon before deciding. I mostly read YA books, but I enjoy some other suspenseful or intriguing stories. Also, if I find that your book is something that doesn’t do much for me (something that receives below a 3-star review), I’ll contact you first and would be willing to refrain from posting a review. A low review might not always be reflective of a book’s quality; it might mean I just didn’t like it.


What do your star ratings mean?

It may look like I’m generous in my ratings, but I rarely read books I don’t think I’ll enjoy. Books are for entertainment and escapism. If a book holds my interest throughout, I really like the characters and plot, and I’m not pulled out of the narrative by too many typos, out-of-character decisions, or logic jumps that cause me to stop suspending my disbelief, then it’s a success in my eyes and deserves a high rating. With that being said…

FIVE STARS: Well-written, and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

FOUR STARS: Well-written, but something–could be style, story, characters, a plot point, etc.–wasn’t as strong.

THREE STARS: Not badly written, but not one of my favorites. Some elements left me questioning.

TWO STARS: I was pulled out of the story too often by mechanical or plot problems. I won’t post this for review requests, but I will if I bought it.

ONE STAR: Didn’t finish or really trudged through it. Again, I won’t post this for review requests.

You’ll notice HALF-STAR ratings also, which I use if I think the book falls between two whole-number stars. When I post to Amazon & Goodreads, those books will be rated according to which whole number I felt the book was closer to (ex: a 4.5-star rating here could be either a 4- or 5-star elsewhere).

Check out my Goodreads “read” shelf to get an idea how I’ve ranked.


How do I contact you for a review/spotlight?

Send an email to authorpetetarsi (at) gmail (dot) com


Where can I find and buy your books?

My Amazon author page is HERE.

You can find me on Goodreads HERE.

You can read free samples of my work on Wattpad HERE.