COVER REVEAL: Skipping the Scales

Here it is, everyone! The cover reveal for the long awaited sequel to Flipping the Scales!


Isn’t that beautiful? A big shout-out to Tatiana Vila for doing this. You should really check out her work HERE. She’s a phenomenal designer and so professional and pleasant to work with. I can’t wait to work with her again on part three!

Everything looks good for the book release on THURSDAY, JULY 14, 2016. I’m doing the final rounds of revision and line edits, and with school over next Monday, I have very little else to do until I start my summer job on the 5th. Watch this space for all the official info.

Previews of chapters will be posted to my Wattpad account starting this Thursday night. I’ll be adding a new chapter every Thursday—up through chapter 4—and then on the fifth Thursday, the book will be available.

If you flipped for Flipping, don’t skip out on Skipping!



  1. Amy Astorga says:


    And I’m jealous . . . (lol)

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