Fingers clench,
Fearing all the possibilities
Of how this could go wrong.
Lives flash before me,
Mine and all those I’ve touched,
All praying I succeed.
Enough is enough!
These seconds are like years.
I can’t stand the wait.
Wonders await me
If I get this accomplished.
I’ve been lucky so far.
Days to make this world.
While I’m up there looking back,
I’ll admire where I’ve come from.
Points to the stairs,
Where this creation of mine
Is supposed to carry me.
Engines are rumbling.
I feel them inside me
Building up strength.
Wishes to make:
To enjoy the time spent soaring
And not crash and burn.
Eyes closed.
I know the right moment’s coming,
But I’m too scared to watch.
Heart pounding.
This is the time I’ve longed for.
It can only go up from here.
Gravity can’t hold me down.
My soul’s been ignited.
I’ve found a special space.


I wrote this poem back in the mid-90s while waiting for a friend. It can easily be taken at face value that I was counting down the minutes while waiting for her. Or maybe I was waiting for something more adventurous to happen. I’m not going to share with you all the specifics behind the creation of this poem; if it moved you in some way, then as an art form, it has done its job.

But I will share it to use as blatant self-promotion!

I’m in countdown mode here. In only a few more days, Flipping the Scales will be available. The front cover has been revealed on my Facebook page (, and there will be more teasers as the week continues. If you haven’t already liked the page, feel free to like it—all the cool kids are doing it!

Blast-off is coming soon, and I’m thrilled and nervous and proud and anxious. And absolutely excited.


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