Congratulations, Houston Astros!

For the second consecutive year, and for the third time in four years, the World Series lasts seven games. Oh my, this was a wonderful Series. Both the Astros and the Dodgers were clearly the best of their respective leagues. Both teams displayed some exceptional pitching: Clayton Kershaw was masterful for Los Angeles in Game 1, and Justin Verlander—though without a win—was solid in his outings in Games 2 and 6. At other times, it was an offensive slugfest, including two back-and-forth extra innings games (2 and 5). There were a combined 25 home runs hit in the Series—a new record—including 15 by the Astros.

In the end, it was the Houston Astros who emerged victorious, thus fulfilling a 2014 prediction by Sports Illustrated. I’ll give them the credit over my own 2015 prediction. After being hammered by hurricane Harvey this summer, it was a well-deserved victory for the city. And that’s not to take credit from the Dodgers, who played fantastically and have a lot to look forward to next year. Yes, I’ll say it here that I think they’ll win it all in 2018.

But now, we celebrate the Astros. George Springer was named the MVP for hitting FIVE home runs (tying a record set by Reggie Jackson—Mr. October himself—in 1977 against the—get this—L.A. Dodgers), but this was truly a team effort. Now, I hope that José Altuve wins the American League MVP, and I look forward to Astros bench coach Alex Cora leading the Red Sox next year.

Now let’s end by giving them a cheer one more time:



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