Author Spotlight: Susan Soares

Though not this blog’s first author spotlight, I’m really excited to spotlight an author on the day after her latest book was released. For that reason, and with her approval, I’m substituting an interview with an excerpt from the first chapter of her new book!

I’ll be posting a review of her book next week, but first, let’s learn all sorts of stuff about Susan Soares and her new book My Rebellion Checklist.


Susan Soares grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, always dreaming of one day being an author. After numerous short stories, poems and plays, those dreams finally became a reality when her first book, My Zombie Ex-Boyfriends, was published. (Featherweight Press, 2013) Her second book, Heart on a String, was released in 2014 by Astraea Press. Her third young adult book My Rebellion Checklist was released on March 10, 2015.

Susan received her MA in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University, and will be pursuing teaching soon. When she isn’t writing Susan spends her time reading, experimenting with photography, planning her next Disney World vacation and chasing after her kids.

Susan loves to read YA fiction. Maybe it’s because her inner sixteen-year-old still wants to be prom queen.

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How far would you go?

Victoria Matherson’s summer to-do list looked something like this:

  1. Get organized for college
  2. Complete summer job at Dad’s office
  3. Spend a romantic summer with Adam

During the first week of her summer vacation, Victoria’s super controlled life suddenly swerves out of control. Her boyfriend breaks up with her unexpectedly, she gets in a near-fatal car wreck, and her parents announce the end of their twenty-year marriage.

Victoria decides to live life messily, to take chances, and finally to rebel. Taking on the new name of “Tori,” she creates a checklist of rebellion—#3 Get an extreme haircut, #6 Pierce something—which she’ll use to show everyone around her that all the changes to her perfectly organized life haven’t affected her in the least. Even though they have.

With the help of her quirky and cute co-worker Zack, Tori will check off the crazy items on her list and learn what it means to give up control and be free. But just how far will she go?

Excerpt from CHAPTER ONE

“Green,” I said as I felt something jab my arm. Thoughts swirled in my brain like my morning smoothie in the blender. Where was I? Wherever I was, it was noisy and cold. Very cold. “It was green,” I shouted. The noise around me intensified like industrial strength air conditioners being blasted right by my ears. Where the hell was I?

“Can you hear me?” a female voice asked.

A wave of nausea crashed against my insides. With effort, I was able to focus my vision and look towards the voice. I saw a female EMT peering down at me.

“You’re going to be all right. Do you know where you are?” She asked as she adjusted something that was around my neck.

“I don’t…I don’t…” I stammered.

She placed her gloved hand on my forehead. “You’re on a Medflight to the hospital. You were in an accident. We’ll be there soon. You just hang on.” She rushed out of my line of vision, and I briefly saw a male EMT rush to my side where he applied something wet to my arm.

“But how did I…” was all I got out before a gray haze clouded my vision.

When I opened my eyes again, I was met with the woman’s voice swirling around me.

“Sweetie, can you tell me your name again please?” the female EMT worker asked as she twisted my waist-length hair out of the way, tucking it up near the crown of my head. She grabbed something from her jacket pocket—a small flashlight—which she shone in my eyes. I squinted in discomfort as the pictures around me began to get hazy. Suddenly, the helicopter took a hard dive and she and the other EMT were jostled around like loose change inside a tin cup.

“Take it easy, man!” the male EMT, who barely looked older than me, shouted to the pilot of the helicopter. As he walked towards my side, I noticed his white gloves were stained with blood. My stomach flipped over, and I concentrated on controlling my gag reflex.

“Sweetie, your name? Can you tell it to me again?” the female EMT asked. When did I tell her my name the first time, I thought. Her face was close to mine. A mask shielded her mouth and nose, but her bright aqua green eyes looked down on me. They were like lovely little tide pools.

“Victoria,” I said. My throat felt like I had swallowed some five-alarm chili peppers. “Victoria Matherson.”

From the way the corners of her eyes crinkled up, I knew she was smiling. I tried to return her smile when I was suddenly struck with a dastardly pain in my left wrist. My eyes shot to my wrist where I saw the male EMT plucking out shards of glass from the jagged cut. My stomach rippled, and bile formed at the base of my throat as I looked at my wrist and hand that was covered in an ample amount of vivid, red blood.

I squealed like a pig being hog tied as he applied pressure to the wound while wrapping a tight bandage around my wrist. My eyes cut left and right, up and down. I had to get out of there. I had to get back to my car. Back home. I had to get to safety. My arms were constricted and I made every effort I could to free them, but it was no use.

“Victoria, Victoria sweetie, it’s going to be all right. We’re almost at the hospital. Try to calm down,” the female EMT stroked the top of my head as she spoke in a calm, firm tone one I’m sure she learned in her emergency response training.

But as another blast of pressure was applied to my wrist, I caved into the pain like a bridge whose bearings had finally broke free after years of decay. It seemed to happen slowly and then instantly, and a worried look in those tide-pool eyes was the last thing I saw as the darkness moved in.

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