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D L Richardson is a musician turned speculative fiction author. Her first young adult novel was published in 2011. Since then she has had two more young adult novels published, an omnibus, and a novella. She is currently writing a sci-fi/fantasy novel and a dystopian novel. Her published books are available in eBook and print format through online retail stores and select bookstores. She lives in Australia on the NSW south coast with her husband and dog. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, playing the piano or guitar, renovating the home, or walking the dog. She is a member of the ACT writers Centre and the Eurobodalla Fellowship of Australian Writers.


Welcome to the blog, D.L.! Tell us all sorts of stuff about yourself and your book!

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What is your book about?

The Bird With The Broken Wing is a story of three characters who end up in Purgatory and the problem is that two of the characters – Jet and Ben – don’t know they’re dead and the third character – Rachael – is a guardian angel who knows where she is but doesn’t know how she ended up there. Determined to make the best of the situation, Rachael decides to break the rules about getting involved with mortals by helping Ben and Jet find forgiveness. She uses group therapy to get them to reflect on the actions that led them to Purgatory. During the therapy sessions, Rachael discovers that Ben is repressing his memories, and Jet is refusing to admit she’s done anything wrong. When she succeeds in getting them to dig deep into their thoughts, it this leads to the discovery that the guardian angel is the reason the mortals are trapped in Purgatory.


How did you come up with the story?

It’s one of those story ideas that just popped into my head, and I honestly can’t remember how it got in there. That happens sometimes, I just go for walks and ideas pop into my head. The Bird With The Broken Wing actually started out as a story featuring adults in Purgatory, instead of teens. The original story still had the characters in a group therapy environment where they had to deal with the issues that led them to land in limbo before they could ascend to heaven. However, the story just wouldn’t get going until I changed the characters to teenagers. Then it wrote itself.


Which character(s) do you most identify with and why?

I would have to say I identify with the feisty teenager Jet Jones. She and I had a somewhat similar household growing up, in that I had an overbearing father whom I thought didn’t care, but as a teen we often think that nobody cares. She sneaks out of her house because her father won’t let her date, and I have to admit I did a thing or two similar to that growing up. It’s this willfulness and desire to be independent and all grown up that I share with Jet Jones, who is one of the main characters and some readers think is the main character. She’s also got a charismatic personality that immediately draws readers to her, much like Han Solo does in Star Wars.


What is your writing process like?

I’m a self-disciplined writer. I like structure. And when I get the novel idea, I usually have an idea of how the book will end. So I know the beginning and the end, the next step for me is to write out a detailed overview of the book. Then I determine how many words I want, how many chapters, and then I write a brief overview for each chapter. Structuring a novel works best for me. I then set a word limit for each day, each week, each month. I write seven days a week, though this might not be on the current novel. Writing may come in forms of interviews, blog posts, short stories, articles for magazines. So the first draft is written, and then comes the editing stage. I’ll do about 6 to 8 revisions and each revision focuses on a different area, such as world building, dialogue, character arc, narrative, chapter beginnings and endings.


What do you snack on while you write?

I’d love to say that I have a giant bowl of M&Ms but I don’t really snack on food while I write. If I do snack, it’s on fruit or potato chips. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle since writing is rather sedentary. So I keep all food away from the desk so I have to get up and get it and stretch my leg muscles while I’m at it.


What are some of your favorite books?

I have a range of favorite books. Some are my favorites because they linger in my memory from childhood such as The Outsiders. I read it as a teenager and it was one of the first books that connected with me as a reader. Of the books I’ve read in the past few years, my favorite would be The Hunger Games. I was hooked from the first chapter.

Since my writing influences are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Anne Rice and I also have quite a few favorite speculative fiction novels. The Hobbit. Black Beauty. Tuck Everlasting. Interview with the Vampire. Robopocalypse. And as mentioned, The Hunger Games.

Yet, for someone who writes paranormal, quite a few of my favorite books are literary and contemporary fiction. The Secret Garden. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. To Kill A Mockingbird. Papillon. The Thorn Birds. The Spy Who Came In From The Cold.


What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Usually I’m renovating the house or walking the dog. Right now I’m renovating my office space. My husband is building a custom fit desk that is the length of the room and has a painted glass top. This room also doubles as my music room, and my other hobby is to play the guitar or the piano. I also quite like baking cakes, reading books in a sunny spot, gardening. I try to go camping a few times a year as well as I find the whole ‘getting back to nature’ experience very relaxing.

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The book is The Bird with the Broken Wing

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When mortals make mistakes, they’re forgiven

When angels make mistakes, they’re forsaken

Guardian angel Rachael finds herself trapped in Purgatory with Ben Taylor, a young soldier with a secret that’s driving him insane. Desperate to see him ascend into Heaven she breaks the rules about becoming involved and keeping her identity a secret. Her decision to stay in Purgatory to help Ben seems a good plan. Except they’ve been stuck for ten years already and Ben is no closer to ascending. The unexpected appearance of a feisty teenager, Jet Jones, throws Rachael’s wings into a tailspin. The instant attraction between Jet and Ben means the angel’s work is getting ignored. And without her help, Ben’s soul will be trapped and she will have failed in her mission.

But Jet’s appearance also brings a chilling revelation. Maybe Ben’s soul isn’t the only one that needs saving.


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