A Dream of Fields 3: The Los Angeles Dodgers

This is the third entry in my summer 2015 series of telling stories about all the different baseball fields I’ve been to. Click the links for the first two: Red Sox and Twins.

Another west coast trip. Another west coast wedding. Another baseball opportunity, but no layover necessary. And hello, National League!

Friday, July 5, 1996, 7:05pm

Dodger Stadium


Los Angeles Dodgers 8, Colorado Rockies 1

Another friend of mine from college—a former roommate—got married in the L.A. area during the summer of 1996. His wife also went to college with us, but she’s a few years younger. I was invited to their wedding, and instead of getting a hotel room, I stayed at a friend’s house.

I was out there for the Fourth of July, which was a Thursday, and there was a big barbecue for all the MIT friends converging in the area for the wedding. The wedding was on Saturday the 6th, and Friday the 5th was the rehearsal dinner. I wasn’t part of the wedding party, and with so many of friends in the area—some of which I didn’t see regularly since it was three years after graduation—I wanted to do something fun with them.

I wanted to see a baseball game!

The Angels weren’t playing at home, but the Dodgers were. Another of my friends who had grown up in the L.A. area was a big Dodgers fan, so I mentioned it to him at the barbecue. I mentioned it to a bunch of people at the barbecue, and in the end, I had a handful of friends that were both interested and available.

The biggest hurdle was that I didn’t have a way to get to Dodger Stadium. The friends that were interested in going with me were all staying in other parts of the L.A. area, and thus weren’t close enough to pick me up. I was 25 years old that summer, so I was old enough to rent a car, but that afternoon, the group of people I was with spent the day walking along Venice beach.

This was 1996, before everyone had a mobile phone. I made all the necessary arrangements, including a rental car, from payphones along the beach. The plan was that we’d meet at Dodger Stadium at the entrance closest to home plate, and I’d arrive there first and buy the tickets, and then wait and people would reimburse me.

It turns out I didn’t need to rent a car. The sister of the friend I was staying with was willing to drive me to the stadium, and I was willing to buy her ticket to the game. We were good to go!

The lot where we parked was beyond the outfield, so we had to walk around the stadium to get to the designated meeting place. I bought the eight tickets and waited. Almost everyone arrived on time, and I chose to wait outside for the final arrival while everyone else went into the game.

It was the top of the third inning when I finally got into the stadium, and by that time, the Dodgers were already winning 5-1, but that didn’t much matter. My Dodger-fan friend, upon seeing our seats, relocated us to empty seats in an upper deck behind home plate—the perfect view of Chavez Ravine beyond the outfield, where dusk looks kinda like this:

Beautiful, isn’t it? The night was great weather, great friends, and a great baseball field. Needless to say, we had a wonderful time.

And the wedding was pretty good too.

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