Another Day, by David Levithan

“No matter how hard you try to keep hold of a day, it’s going to leave you.” When I read Levithan’s Every Day last spring, it became one of my favorite books of the year and of all time. I was both skeptical and intrigued upon hearing the news that Levithan was writing not a […]

The Tiny Curse (Werewolf High Book Two), by Anita Oh

A few months ago, I stumbled upon the product page for this (at the time) yet-to-be-released book. The synopsis of the book clearly told that a curse had fallen upon the main heroine, shrinking her down to two inches tall. Shrinking is a fantastical plot device that has intrigued me since I was small (see what […]

Splintered, by A.G. Howard

I got this book and its sequel Unhinged for Christmas from my daughters. They got me a YA book because they obviously know I’m a YA writer who reads YA books. And they also know that I absolutely adore Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Of course I’d be interested in reading a modern-day extension […]

My Top 10 Words

I apologize that this Top 10 list is a little later than expected. And I apologize for two weeks without a post. I’ve had quite a busy few weeks at school. I’m the after-school drama director, and we just hosted the first round of the state drama festival. My students were wonderful, gracious, friendly, supportive, […]