Cabin Fever

It’s been a long week. When I left work last Monday (1/26/15), the notice that school was cancelled for the next day had already been announced over the loudspeaker. This was expected. There was anywhere between twenty and thirty inches of snow about to be dropped on the area. Naturally, my students were ecstatic. Snow […]

My Zombie Ex-Boyfriends, by Susan Soares


The blog says it’s about All Sorts of Stuff, so I’m going to share with you books that I’ve read and enjoyed. I hope this to become a regular feature. The first book I’m reviewing is My Zombie Ex-Boyfriends by Susan Soares. This is a Young Adult contemporary fantasy romantic comedy story. Yeah, all those […]

2015, A Greater Year

So, 2014 was a good year for me. Have you heard that I self-published a book? Of course you did. That’s pretty much all I talked and blogged and posted about for the past two months. But besides that, 2014 was a good year. My daughters grew up into a wonderful teen and pre-teens. They’re […]