2015, A Greater Year

So, 2014 was a good year for me. Have you heard that I self-published a book?

Of course you did. That’s pretty much all I talked and blogged and posted about for the past two months.

But besides that, 2014 was a good year. My daughters grew up into a wonderful teen and pre-teens. They’re all doing well in school, and they want to continue their success. As a parent who’s a teacher, I’m filled with tremendous pride when they actually want to tell me about their test scores and report cards without me even having to ask.

My oldest (13) sang a solo in the middle school play, and I got all teary-eyed. She also dances—ten years now—and her spring recital makes me cry also simply because of the improvement she has shown over the years and the passion and gracefulness she displays on stage. She sprouted up a few inches to over five feet tall, and it looks like her legs were stretched. She’s also choosing to kick butt in math because she wants to be in Honors Geometry in ninth grade. I watched her do homework on solving algebraic inequalities, and when she reversed the direction of the less than sign to greater than, I asked her why. Without missing a beat, she told me it was because she divided by a negative number.

Twin A (10) is a voracious reader. She’s the first of my children to finish the entire Harry Potter Series, and she can tell you not only ever major plot point but also minor details that I can’t remember. Did you know there are characters named Susan Bones and Daphne Greengrass? I don’t remember them, but she can tell you what house they’re in! Now she’s reading the Percy Jackson series and loving that. She has been taking archery lessons, and the instructor says she’s really good—like could enter a competition good. I’m wondering—when she reads The Hunger Games trilogy (which I suspect she will)—if she’ll start pretending she’s Katniss. She’s got a great imagination.

Twin B has finally found the activities that match her. I think back to a dance recital back when she was four years old, and all she did was stand center stage with her arms crossed in front of her and a pout on her face. Well, she loves gymnastics now, and she’ll cartwheel anywhere there’s enough room. She also has been bitten by the theatre bug and was hysterical as a narrator for a movie trailer spoof. But her greatest talent is asking tough questions that she already knows the answer to while keeping a poker face so her Dad thinks she’s asking because she wants to know the answer.

Work has been fulfilling. Beyond spreading my love of physics to students everywhere, the drama group I direct advanced to the semi-finals of an annual drama festival—second year in a row. But work is also exhausting, so thank goodness for summer and holiday vacations to rejuvenate! Due to tight finances, I work multiple jobs: full-time teaching physics, after-school drama, and part-time night-school. Times are tight, but I manage as best I can. I teach Creative Writing at a summer arts program—I’ll probably blog about that this summer—and I do a little extra physics teaching on the side for some extra income. Now there’s being a published author and hoping royalties will help supplement my income first. Though mostly, I write because I love it, and it’s such an honor learning that people have not only purchased but enjoyed things I’ve written.

Now that it’s New Year’s Day and 2015 is just starting, I can look ahead, and I suspect that it’s going to be a greater year. My daughters are going to continue to grow into wonderful people and continue to do wonderful things in and out of school. My drama group will put on great shows, whether we advance or not. My physics students will do awesome on the AP test in May. And I’ll sell books and write more books. The sequel to Flipping the Scales is in the works, and there may be other titles along the way. Maybe that will help with some financial issues—although some relief will come when Twin B’s braces are all paid for—and I’ll maybe be able to afford a family vacation (or even a personal alone one). Maybe this will be the year that the ever elusive online-dating success will come, or maybe I’ll randomly meet someone.

Whatever the year has planned for me and my family, I have faith that it will be a greater year. No, I have mathematical proof that it will be a greater year, and my oldest daughter will back me up on this because she understands inequalities.

2015 > 2014

Happy New Year, everyone!

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