My Top 10 Songs of 2014

Back at the end of 1983, whatever radio station (80s pop music) I listened to at the time had its annual year-end countdown. A song I didn’t particularly care for topped the list, so I decided to make my own list. As a dorky new teenager, I did a weekly Top 10 list, and at […]

A Multitude of Christmases

Even though the holiday season is a fun time of year—spending time with family, eating lots of food, giving and receiving gifts—it can also be a stressful time of year. Trying to cram different celebrations with different family members—or different parts of one family—into a few days can be difficult. And a divorce can compound […]

I’ve Got a Secret

I’ve got a secret. I got a book published. Okay, so that’s not really a secret. I’ve mentioned that here, on my Twitter feed, on my Facebook page, at work (both to my colleagues and to my students), and pretty much to everyone I interact with on either a regular or infrequent basis. Well, almost […]